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It is widely documented that many Native American dogs and indeed prehistoric dogs all over the world were ceremoniously buried nestled alongside or near their human companions.

Considered family, the dogs were carefully and respectively placed in a position, as if they were asleep, a real tribute to the friendship they shared in life and the importance of ritual.

In various religions and practices throughout history, loved ones have been adorned in their finest jewellery, clothing, special fabrics and shrouds.

Often the emphasis is on the spiritual and sublime over the physical and material, yet dressing the deceased feels very important, and the meaning to the individual can be quite profound.

Sweet Goodbye enables you to continue this age-old tradition of honouring the passing of a very special member of your family.


paw icon"In traditional Aboriginal society death is not feared: it is the time when a person’s spirit is released from the physical body to rejoin the unseen world. Death signifies a return of the spirit to the Dreaming and the eternal life-stream. It is believed that upon death a person’s spirit returns to its source - its sacred totem site - to await reincarnation as a spirit child."

TK Jacob In The Beginning: A Perspective on Traditional Aboriginal Societies Ministry of Education, Western Australia, 1991, p 108.

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'Sweet Goodbye' have a special place in their hearts for all animals. We share part profits with charities we believe share our values and philosophies regarding the care and treatment of all our furry friends.

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