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“I love everything that Sweet Goodbye stands for and congratulate you on getting such a wonderful, much needed product off the ground.

There is a huge lack of support in the pet loss area and I am sure a lot of vets will be keen to stock a product that helps people through this terribly difficult time.”

Dr Katrina Warren 




“We were gifted a Sweet Goodbye burial kit for our (nearly) 16-year-old border collie x named Jaxon. It’s funny for a while now we’ve known that it was probably time to say goodbye to him, but it was still one of the hardest decisions to make. In the end, his legs were just not going to get any better and we knew it was the right time. We thought we thought of everything, such as making the appointment with the Vet, deciding that it was going to be done at home, the fact we were burying him in the backyard and had a hole dug ready to go…that was until our friend gave us a Sweet Goodbye kit. 

This was such a wonderful thing for her to do and I’m only sorry that we didn’t think about it sooner, however, we did manage to get the kit about 6 days before he passed which gave him time to sleep on his bedding that he eventually was wrapped in. It also allowed us plenty of time to lay with him and leave our smells and scents on there too, especially our other dog who was very close to him. Jaxon found great comfort in the bedding and straight away lay down on it. 

The fabrics are beautiful and soft and were very comforting to him and us as well. The other things provided in the kit such as the booklet, were great as this helped us from the ‘emotional’ side of things and sparked us to write letters and put photo’s in with him. It also helped us with working out how we were going to explain it to the kids so they weren’t confused and upset. 

The whole experience was terribly sad and emotional, but I have to say the Sweet Goodbye burial kit just made it so much easier to prepare beforehand and gently saying goodbye after it happened. Given that this is something that was gifted to us, I will definitely be ‘paying it forward’ and buying these as gifts for my family and friends, who like us, treasure their pets more than anything. 

Thank you to Natalie and David for putting this together and helping us pet lovers give our animals what they deserve at the end of their lives.”

Deeanne Smith
Busselton, WA


“Zulu has been my guide dog since he was 18 months old. At the age of 12 and a half he became desperately ill completely unexpected. I had to make the difficult decision to do what was best for him. 

My daughter had given me a Sweet Goodbye kit some years previously and the following morning my husband and I dressed and wrapped him in his ceremonial dress. 

Both of us in tears we were able to let him go by sending him on as a prince with dignity and respect, to truly thank him for the work he had done throughout his life and the happiness he had brought to us over the years. 

It helped us grieve together for his loss and to honour the beautiful black Labrador he had been.”

Peter and Barbara, Perth WA 



“My names Nicola, I work at Dunsborough vets and have been for the last 11 years as a nurse/groomer. 

My beautiful sweet girl got put to sleep a week ago and I used the sweet goodbye cocoon for her and I just wanted to let you know how beautiful it was.

Thank you so much for coming up with this special product as it makes saying goodbye a LITTLE easier. 

She was 18 and deserved the most beautiful sending off, so thank you again.

I am connected to a huge amount of dog people in WA and nationally that would embrace your products.”

Nicola, Dunsborough 

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“Our pets are our family and break our hearts when they leave us. A Sweet Goodbye burial kit will provide our furry friends with a caring and dignified send-off - it is such a lovely idea and so beautifully executed.”

Anne Lloyd-Jones 
Australian Director 
Animals Asia 




The Orangutan Project“The site looks amazing! What a wonderful thing you are doing.

I had tears well up reading about your beautiful fur babies and seeing their photos and the story of how it all has evolved. 

Well done and I wish you all the success in the world.”

Rebecca Buswell,
The Orangutan Project


SG LI Logo“I recently gifted a sweet goodbye cocoon to a very close friend of mine.

I received a call from her one morning to say that the time had come, and they had booked in their beloved family pet for Euthanasia the following week, she was very upset as expected, but realised that they couldn't keep him going any longer as he was an old boy, could hardly walk and would losing his sight, it was time. Apart from organising the vet to come to her home, she had made no other plans or ceremony and would be buried in the back garden.

I immediately thought of Sweet Goodbye, I had seen their products on Facebook and I checked their website to see where I could buy one and I was able to drop into a local stockist that afternoon and picked up a kit as I didn’t want to wait for delivery as we didn’t have time. Jacko loved the beach and the ocean, so we chose his cocoon in the deep blue colour, indigo.

That afternoon, I dropped by with the kit and we set it up on his bed, both Jaxon and their other dog, Chubbs immediately went over, had a good smell and lay down. It was comforting already to know he was happy just resting on it. The outer layer of the cocoon is made of a very thick wool felt and inside, a soft cotton mandala shroud. I myself lay beside him and found it very comfortable.

My friend spent the weekend reading the guidebook, writing her farewell letters and actually planning the morning when she would say goodbye. She told me this is something that she would never have thought of doing before. When the day came, I was there a while before the vet arrived and we just sat on the Cocoon with Jaxon. Her partner, the kids and their other dog had all spent time sitting on the cocoon over the weekend so that they all have left their scent with him and said their goodbyes. We played some relaxing music in the background and also burned a candle.

After the procedure, we sat for a while just holding him and saying our goodbyes. When my friend was ready she placed the garland around his neck, and a small pouch of sand from his favourite beach, and her notes, full of love for this beautiful family member.

We wrapped him up snuggly in his Cocoon and lifted him to his final resting place. I was glad the cocoon had the handles as he was actually quite heavy.

My friend was so grateful for this gift and felt that she was able to say goodbye with no guilt or regret.

If you know someone who's dog is old, or terminally ill, I would highly recommend you gifting a sweet goodbye kit to them. My own dog, who is my best friend, still has some good years in him yet I hope, although he is getting on. I also purchased my kit for him last week and put in the cupboard for when that time comes, I will be ready!”

Dee Milligan, Busselton 

Sweet Goodbye LogoI can vouch for Sweet Goodbye. As most of my friends know I look after fur babies while their parents go on holidays.

When I am with them they are treated like they are my own so I was extremely upset when one of my babies passed away this week.  When mum and dad got home and said they wanted to bury Bella in the backyard I thought of Nat's Sweet Goodbye. It was so lovely to be able to give Bella a beautiful ceremony and all wrapped up in a beautiful cocoon.

Thank you, Nat, for creating something so beautiful and caring for the animal and the parents.

Judy, Perth


Sweet Goodbye LogoWe purchased a Balinese kit in preparation for the time we might need it with our 13-year-old Maisie, who had a tumour removed and a treatment for cancer.  I am so glad we did, it was perfect for what we needed. Having all the lovely pieces helped us focus on the time with her in a positive way and we felt we had done the right thing and honoured her.

She looked so peaceful and splendid in the wraps. She deserved it.

Janet Masden, Noosa

Cloud Pet Burial & Cremation Kit.

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Cloud Animals Includes / Features:
Memorial Marker
Ceremony Guide
Pillow Note Pocket
Name Label
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Cocoon Pet Burial & Cremation Kit

Suitable For:
Cloud Animals Includes / Features:
Memorial Marker
Living Memorial Card
Ceremony Guide
Name Label
Mandala Shroud
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Selamat Jalan Manis Ceremony

SJM Items Includes / Features:
Regal Wraps
Hand Crafted Ceremonial Adornments
Memorial Umbrella
Keepsake Album

Keepsake Album

SJM Items Includes / Features:
Name Tags
Pages for Photos
Pages for Notes & Special Memories
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