How the Cocoon works

How the Cocoon works

Each Cocoon Kit comes with a simple step by step illustrated Guidebook to ensure a beautiful and dignified farewell for your beloved furry friend.

cocoon kit step 1

Step 1

The Cocoon is removed from its sack and laid out flat with the printed mandala cotton shroud facing upwards, outer canvas cradle with handles facing down. The body is gently placed in the centre of the mandala with head and tail towards the small circular end flaps.

cocoon kit step 2

Step 2

The woollen garland provided, any special notes or other personal effects can now be enclosed with the body and final goodbyes imparted. The large circular side flaps are brought over the body first and secured with ties.

cocoon kit step 3

Step 3

The small circular end flaps are then brought over the body and secured with ties. The body is now safely enwrapped in its beautiful inner shroud.

cocoon kit step 4

Step 4

The outer wool Cocoon flap without strap is brought over the shrouded body and buttoned on both sides, according to fit.

cocoon kit step 5

Step 5

The outer wool Cocoon flap with strap and name label is brought over the shrouded body and also buttoned on both sides. The buttons can be adjusted to ensure a snug fit.

cocoon kit step 6

Step 6

Once buttoned and secure, the top and bottom straps of the outer wool casing are tied on top where the pet’s name can be written on the special label provided as a final goodbye. The body is now snugly secured within the Cocoon and can be safely and easily lifted using the two cradle handles on each side. It is recommended that two people lift and carry the larger cocoons.

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