Cocoon Ceremony

Cocoon Ceremony

Cocoon Ceremony

We all have our own unique way to say goodbye, and the Cocoon Burial and Farewell Kit makes it possible for you to create your own special ceremony.

Dealing with loss

It’s not always easy to know how to deal with grief, so our Guidebook offers some advice on how to help children understand their loss.

Sharing your feelings

Sometimes it helps to take a few quiet moments to yourself to write down your own special, private thoughts to share with your beloved pet. Children may want to draw a picture that expresses how they feel about their special friend, or to share final secrets with them before they depart.

The Guidebook includes special pages that can be cut out or drawn upon. Those special messages can then be folded up and tucked around your pet before their Burial Cocoon is securely closed.

Also included is a beautiful garland of hand-made hearts and flowers, which can be gently wrapped around your pet.

You may want to say something special at the ceremony but are stuck for words. The Guidebook offers a selection of beautiful 'Words to Share' which may help you voice how you feel about your special little friend.

Marking their departure or place of rest

Within the Kit there is a hand crafted Memorial marker you can personalise and mark their departure and keep somewhere special or place at their burial site. A unique and beautiful keepsake that will always remind you of how close they are to you because they are adored and missed but never forgotten.

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'Sweet Goodbye' have a special place in their hearts for all animals. We share part profits with charities we believe share our values and philosophies regarding the care and treatment of all our furry friends.

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